Welcome to Arizer, the premier destination for the finest dry herb vaporizers on the market. Arizer prides itself on continuous innovation and dedication to improving our products. We understand the importance of delivering the ultimate vaporization experience, and that's why we are committed to maintaining our reputation as creators of the best dry herb vaporizers available.

Herbal Vaporization Redefined

Experience the essence of your favorite herbs with our advanced vaporizers. Arizer vaporizers gently warm your botanicals, releasing rich terpenes in an oxygen-rich vapor. This method ensures you enjoy the full flavor without the harmful carcinogens associated with combustion.

Introducing the XQ2 Dry Herb Vaporizer

The XQ2 stands out as a versatile, multi-purpose convection heater. It's an all-in-one system that includes an Aromatherapy system, a Collection Bag/Balloon system, and an innovative On-Demand Direct Draw + Assisted Draw Whip system. Discover why Arizer is synonymous with superior design and functionality.

Air MAX: Portable and Powerful

The Air MAX is our latest offering, a testament to our commitment to innovation in portable, multi-purpose diffuser technology. It features upgraded Custom Session Settings, automatic display inversion, and Dark Mode. The rapid-heating ceramic technology, coupled with USB-C charging and a high-capacity 26650 lithium-ion battery, makes it a standout product. This vaporizer is the culmination of over 16 years of industry expertise.

Solo II: Efficiency Meets Elegance

The Solo II sets new standards in efficiency with a rapid heat-up time and an impressive 3-hour battery life. Its Use While Charging feature ensures uninterrupted sessions. The all-glass vapor path and isolated airpath deliver the smoothest and most flavorful vapor. The Solo II is expertly designed to activate natural terpene profiles and maximize potency.

Customization and Control

With Arizer, you have the power to customize your vaping experience. Our user-friendly operating systems and clear OLED displays offer complete control at the touch of a button. The temperature can be adjusted in precise 1-degree increments, and the Solo II remembers your settings for your next session.

The Clarity of Glass

Arizer's original Glass Pod System is renowned for its ease of use and maintenance. Made from pure borosilicate glass, it features an isolated airpath and an all-glass vapor path that enhances flavors and terpenes. Our patented advanced ceramic heating technology and the cyclonic action of the herb chamber efficiently extract the best from your herbs. For an enhanced experience, try our optional Frosted Glass Aroma Tube with a third-party glass water bubbler.

Quality and Performance

Since 2005, Arizer has been a leading pioneer in the vaporizer industry. Our commitment to extensive research and exceptional design has continually raised the bar in quality and performance. Arizer is globally recognized for offering high-quality products at affordable prices, backed by unparalleled customer service.

Aromatherapy at its Best

Many aromatic botanicals can be vaporized for aromatherapy to achieve positive results. By heating your preferred herbs and flowers to precise temperatures, you can release pleasing aromas, terpenes, and botanical compounds that promote energetic or relaxing environments.

Choose Arizer for an unmatched vaporization experience. Our products are not just vaporizers; they are an investment in quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Explore our range today and discover the difference that comes with choosing Arizer


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